Lucchetti 1873 is proud to present Giovanni Raspini jewelry.

Tuscan, architect and designer, Giovanni Raspini has designed houses, furniture, household items, and jewelry. He represents the style and the stong uniqueness of the brand, where the classic plastic roots merge with the elements of the contemporary project. "Designing means to look forward. I wanted to create my pieces, and make my creations come true. So I chose the best sculptors, model-makers and technicians and I started. A beautiful dream come true through determination and passion, which characterizes everything that we do. For years I've lived and worked in my home in the Tuscan hills, a villa from '500 where I've built my own workshop. Here surrounded by the things that I love, I draw and design my creations. I love being around the hot waxes from the models that start to take form. I have a profound love for silver, it gives me endless, unpredictable, ever-changing emotions. Jewelry is truely poetry because the beauty from the creations can give you the chills each time."

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