Magic that’s been happening since 1873

The Founder

At just 18 years old Filippo Bancalari started the jewelry business in the core of Caruggiu Dritu, beginning initially with chains, pendants, jewelry and sacral decorations.  The shop is a coffer itself with a very exquisite interior design. The design of the furnishings was made by Chiavari carpenters who were inspired by a popular french style of that period. The columns, twisted pillars and railings are evidence of the Baroque style. It is a truly unique piece; the wooden golden ornament completes the wall in the back of the shop.

Second Generation

Giovanni Lucchetti (also known as Luigi) started to work in the shop when he was young. Giovanni became the head of the business after Filippo Bancalari's death in 1912. It was a golden age for Chiavari and the Lucchetti jewelry shop becomes the focal point of Tigullio and the surrounding countryside.

Third Generation

Luigi Lucchetti (first-born of Giovanni) spent his youth going between his home and the shop. After his long military service, he became the head of the business with his wife Olga. They maintained the glamour aspect of the shop and Luigi increased and improved the watch section of the business. In 1962 Chiavari was enriched by the prestigious timepieces of a young, and still not well-known, Swiss brand: Rolex. The vivid memories of Luigi and Olga that so many clients still have and cherish are a true testimony to just how important their contribution was in building the business and cultivating relationships.

Fourth Generation

In 1976 Giovanni (first-born of Luigi), after receiving his masters degree in Electronics Engineering in Genova, left his engineering career to follow the family tradition. Giovanni alongside his wife, Annalia, ran the shop for many years. Annalia’s vision and enthusiasm molded the shop in a new way. She was the force behind the creation of the shop windows. Annalia’s eye for detail gave the business a new way to use the shop window. It not only became a visual space for jewelry to be displayed, it gave life to the shop. She displayed many beautiful private collections: such as crystal, paintings, chinaware, or traditional elements like fishing, hunting, or monographs inspired by famous people, such as Ivano Fossati or Magritte. Ten years later, the business became bigger and the family grew. Roberto Curotto (Giovanni’s cousin) and Clara Pinasco (the Mary Poppins of the Lucchetti’s household) became part of the team.

Fifth Generation

The tradition goes on and the fourth generation is ready to contribute to this adventure. Their background curriculum is different again (business for Pietro and architecture for Caterina), and this provides for teamwork that draws from the expertise of each of them. The state of the shop is enhanced by contemporary inspiration , while maintaining the original business structure, consisting of relationships with watchmakers, jewelry and silversmiths from all parts of Italy (and in some cases in Europe), which provide a tailor-made approach to the inspirations that the Lucchetti jewelry shop turn into reality. We provide a medium that allows their inspirations to become reality. In 2010 Caterina achieved a diploma as a gemologist (GIA), shortly after, she decided to follow her husband to Minneapolis, freezing her adventure in the shop.

Nuova Apertura a Chiavari

On November 21, 2012, a new shop, right next to the historical shop, was inaugurated. A lengthy job of designing and planning, is put in the hands of architects Sara Rossetto and Francesco Pipitone with the close collaboration of the Rolex designers. The work is carried out by the best local artisans, each bringing his own expertise (iron, wood, glass), and by a specialised Florentine company creating the interior aspects. The set-up and design incorporates the trends of the international markets with the distinctive canons of the Lucchetti shop.

La quinta generazione cresce

Next the third-born child of Giovanni, Maria Vita, joins the team. After she obtains her specialisation in Gematology, she leaves her medical career and passionately dedicates herself to what was her true, first instinct in life. Maria Vita brings a big piece of maternal enthusiasm, and she helps in refining the valuable, sartorial work in the jewelry department, which has driven the shop for five generations.

Nuova Apertura a Rapallo

The company is expanding! This time the new development is in Rapallo, one of the main tourist centres of Liguria. The shop is close to the Porta delle Saline on Via Fratelli Cairoli, in the heart of the pedestrian precinct, and a short distance from the sea. The establishments are the same where first Maddalozzo (in 1960) and then the Passoni brothers, had kept the Rolex tradition alive in the city.

Team 2023

The Entire Team is Complete

As of 2015, new members have been added to the team. Roberto comes from Genoa where he gained extensive commercial experience in the world of fashion and has always been a great watch enthusiast. Giorgia arrives at the counter very young, the only “almost” millennial on the team, capable of mixing her innate freshness with the rigor of the profession. In 2018 Marie Claire arrives and she is precise, punctual and always present.
After the storm of 2020, Mattia entered the company, with his passion for watchmaking, taking over the reins of the laboratory. Thanks to his determination and precision, he has led the commercial part. Marco, the watchmaker, joins him after lots of training, for the technical part.